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This week's Whoop of the week goes to to the Special Olympics for their new inspiring international campaign #alldreamsareequal.

While we are all doing our best to stay at home, find new ingenious ways to entertain our kids, and working remotely has become the norm, the sporting world is also in for an extraordinary year. All our much-anticipated and loved sporting competitions have now been postponed. Huge events that even World War 2 couldn’t suspend have now succumbed to the Coronavirus. Therefore it’s all more remarkable that the Olympic spirit should succeed in this unconventional sporting year. The dream shared by all athletes.

For many years, the Special Olympics has strived for social inclusion through sports. So here is where you can start whooping. The Special Olympics recently announced a new sponsorship with Toyota Motor Europe and to showcase the importance of inclusion in sports during these challenging times, the brands debuted the new 'All Dreams Are Equal' campaign.

The fact that new sponsor Toyota Motor Europe has allied itself with Special Olympics for the coming years is an important signal to the world.”Ella’s dream is our dream- a world where solidarity and togetherness reign. As the international community looks to the future, we dream of a better day. Ella, together with Toyota, teaches us all a very important lesson, which bonds us together: All dreams are equal”, says David Evangelista, President of Special Olympics Europe Eurasia.

The All Dreams Are Equal campaign tells the story of a young girl — Ella — who puts her love of basketball before all else, waking up early to play and staying up at night dreaming of the game. The video shows the back of the young basketball-enthusiasts throughout her day as she enjoys practicing the sport, and reveals at the end that while she may be different, her dreams are just as important as everyone else. Check out the video for yourselves:

This campaign has been shared abundantly on the global channels of Special Olympics and by top athletes across the globe. You can stop whooping now. Thanks for reading.

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