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The Pad Project

“A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education.” -The Pad Project

The Pad Project began in 2013 by a youth-driven community of students and educators. The agency began with a documentary film “Period. End of Sentence.”, which went on to with an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short, since then the The Pad Project has continued to grow. The Pad Project strives to create and cultivate global and localised partnerships with the aim of ending period stigma and empowering all menstruators worldwide. Their mission aims to end the ongoing issues that women face when it comes to lack of access to menstrual products, especially in low income communities.

Menstruators wellbeing is being affected due to lack of education and access to sanitary products. This coupled with a lack of proper education in reproductive and sexual health is having a major impact on womens wellbeing. Lack of education and access is also ending education for many menstruators who are prevented from going to school.

The Pad Project takes a proactive approach to tackle this issue by providing washable pad programs, pad machines and working in conjunction with communities to provide sexual and reproductive health education.

The unique approach of The Pad Project goes beyond simply providing menstrual products to women, the programs employ women to run their own businesses making and selling menstrual pads.

For more information, or to get involved head over to The Pad Project website.

Inspired? Does this resonate with you?

We like to share inspiring stories like this but also talk about the main challenges of our times to connect individuals, social entrepreneurs and businesses to build tomorrow’s world. Our organisation is glad to be joined in this movement by people sharing common interests, because they have taken it upon themselves to help people in need.

So who are we?

Click Ethical is a crusader that goes way beyond the typical outline of a social media agency. An activist at heart, a voice of authority on the causes we support, and a friend to businesses that champion innovation.

Our vision is to help create conditions that encourage the best in people and companies, and that challenges the dormant cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus. Our mission is to help build a world where businesses are positively contributing to the environment and society.

So how can you get involved?

If you're interested in finding out more about integrating supporting a cause into your social media strategy and becoming purpose-driven, please give us a shout and we’ll be happy to go through the finer points with you.



Yours ethically,

Holly Moon, Content Manager

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