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Social media wellness is now an essential part of your customer engagement. The awareness of the impact of social media on our mental health is increasing, with platforms changing their approach, to make their communities friendlier and less toxic.

Social media addiction is now a recognised affliction, changing the perception of the social media landscape. Checking and scrolling through social media has become an increasingly popular activity over the last decade. Although the majority of peoples’ use of social media is non-problematic, there is a small percentage of users that become addicted to social networking sites and engage in excessive or compulsive use. People are becoming more aware of how this can negatively impact their mental health, and taking individual actions to decrease their online hours.

For example, #DigitalDetox is stimulating users to balance their social media usage with their mental wellbeing. The positivity associated with the hashtag shows that people aren’t moving away from social media, just learning to manage their time on it more effectively.

So what does it all mean for your social media exploits? If they roll out hiding likes then this might affect engagement rates at first, but users will adapt quickly, finding other ways to express their appreciation and love. Moving forward, you must be aware of your consumers' social media wellbeing. Always avoid toxicity, and engage them with ways to escape, sparking their interest in real-world opportunities. Lush UK has moved away from posting on social channels, instead of focusing on joining the conversations that matter within their community. Allowing all the voices to be heard. If you can’t engage the trend, consider how your consumer consumption habits are changing. Focus more on quality messaging over quantity— if people are cutting down on their social media usage, you’ll have fewer opportunities for them to bite. Give them something worthwhile every time. Thanks for reading. Yours ethically,

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