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Values-driven organisations are the most successful organisations on the planet. You might think that this sounds like a bold statement; it is a bold statement; and, it is true.

A huge part of being a values-driven organisation is the type of content you share on social media. Campaigns that benefit both your company and the social and environmental causes are compelling and engaging. They help position your company as one that cares about the world, which appeals to your audience; boosting customer acquisition and strengthening the sustainability of your business.

So contributing to the greater good via your socials is a great way for your company to reap the rewards for being purpose-led well into the future. Who you are and what you stand for have become just as important as the quality of the products and services organisations can offer.

A great example of values-driven content is the new #giveathought campaign launched by mobile donation app, Thinking of You, at the start of this month.

The social media initiative encourages people to share a thought or photo and tag others to do the same, creating a never-ending ‘thought chain’ of kindness and bringing to life the adage that … a little thought goes a long way.

#giveathought aims to raise awareness of all the charities on the Thinking of You mobile app, which includes the likes of Shelter, Rethink Mental Illness, Make-A-Wish, Children with Cancer UK and Brain Tumour Research. And as the current pandemic is significantly affecting UK charities, including with increased demand yet reduced donations, Thinking of You has also introduced 0% fees, meaning the most money possible goes back to the charities on the app. Thinking of You is officially supported by CAF, The Charities Aid Foundation.

The simple and shareable social media campaign asks people to share a written thought or photo, tag up to three people, then pass it on using the #giveathought hashtag.

Johnny Pitt, Founder of Thinking of You said, "Today we’re thinking of friends, family and loved ones arguably more than ever in our lifetime. We want to support as many charities through these hard times, whilst bringing a little slice of joy to everyone.”

Thinking of You was launched in November 2018, with users able to send a message to someone, with the option to add a donation to the message, to the chosen charity of the recipient – or the sender. The app’s users can also donate directly to the charity itself. Thinking of You is available free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Thanks for reading.

Yours ethically,

Click Ethical Blog Squad

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