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Pencils Of Promise

It started with a pencil, and now Pencils of Promise have built 585 classroom blocks, scouted 1,098 communities, and enrolled 118,661 students in education.

Pencils of Promise aim to provide education for students in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos. They do this by firstly building safe and healthy learning environments for students to have a space to learn. They then fill these environments will well-trained and supported teachers who can aid students in reaching their full potential. The organisation is data-driven so they can monitor the effectiveness of every program they launch and to learn from their existing projects going forward.

Pencils for Promise builds schools, provides teacher support and through their WASH program ensure all schools have education in water, sanitation, and hygiene. Before construction of a school begins within a community, the organisation works alongside Ministries of Education and community leaders to identify potential partner communities that have a higher need for a safe and reliable infrastructure for students.

School Builds

School buildings are built in partnership with public school systems to provide a quality space for learning to take place.

Teacher Support

Training and innovative resources are provided to public school teachers to empower them to lead dynamic and effective lessons to all students. Teacher workshops are carried out throughout the year to ensure educators are up to date with new methodologies, whilst allowing teachers to build a network of peers to exchange ideas. In between teacher workshops, coaching sessions are held with teachers to provide personalised support to each teacher. Evaluation is carried out on all educators and programs to evaluate effectiveness.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Through their WASH program, Pencils of Promise provide the infrastructure, (toilets etc.), distribute materials and educate students and communities on healthy behaviours. Once the infrastructures are in place, the organisation ensures school administrators and teachers are trained on how to maintain the materials to ensure they can continue functioning properly. WASH workshops are carried out to educate students, teachers and school administrators on healthy behaviours.

They currently work in partnership with communities in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos to ensure students have access to a safe and healthy place to learn.

Find out more on the Pencils of Promise website.



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