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Manveer Singh, Also Known As The ‘Plasticvalla’ Has Converted 350kgs Of Used Plastic Into Artwork

Every week Manveer Singh, also known as ‘Plasticvalla’ collects plastic waste from more than 70 families in his neighborhood. He uses the plastic to create unique artwork sending a strong message against plastic pollution.

“The people and the neighbourhoods from where I collect plastic started calling me Plasticvalla, just like people call kabadiwalla, koodewalla and the name stuck with me. I use hard to recycle plastic in the same way a painter uses paint,” says Manveer.

Manveer started in 2018 when he realised the need for households to reduce their consumption of hard plastics and recycle effectively. He has witnessed firsthand how the environment has transformed due to plastic waste.

“The transition from Haridwar to an urban city like Delhi shook me. I think, in the coming years, our footprints will be calculated basis the plastic we use. Use of single-use plastic is only growing across the world, and coming up with innovative ways to recycle it is a challenge we face today,” he says.
Describing how he started initially, Manveer adds, “In the beginning, I asked local ragpickers to collect waste for me. However, they refused as Multi-Layered Plastic is very lightweight and hard to collect. Only after getting refused, I went from door to door to collect it. Now, I get clean plastic waste directly from households, which, in turn, eases off the landfills’ loads.”
Manveer also hopes to spread awareness among young people and has started an inititave in schools to encourage youn people to collect more plastic. He also delivers workshops to adults.
“Making artwork from plastic is a very big challenge. Only after multiple trials we could come with our first art piece. For me, these art pieces are not just projects, this is the aim of my life — reduce plastic.”

Manveer is also the winner of the METIS Initiative on Plastics and Indo-Pacific Ocean 2021.



Yours ethically,

Holly Moon, Content Manager

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