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LFC Foundation & Wasabi Technologies Launch New Mental Health Programme

LFC Foundation has launched an innovative community mental health improvement programme, which uses the power of football and music to help improve young people’s lives.

The ‘Red Hot Beats’ programme will engage with youths from disadvantaged areas, using the synergy of the two world famous pillars of Liverpool’s rich heritage.

Wasabi Technologies, who are the club’s Official Cloud Storage Partner, will part fund and support the new scheme alongside LFC Foundation, which will be delivered in six community centers across Merseyside.

The bespoke sessions will be targeted at young people identified as struggling with their mental health and will provide them with the essential tools to learn a wide variety of mental health and wellbeing skills and coping strategies, using the hook of music, arts, and sports.

Red Hot Beats adds to LFC Foundation’s growing portfolio of successful mental health and music programmes.

Music and art therapy will help to improve the mood and cognitive function of participants. This will be combined with LFC Foundation’s expertise in delivering high quality sport and football programmes and will help to improve overall emotional expression, communication and interpersonal skills, self-esteem, and have a positive impact on quality of life.

Matt Parish, chief executive, LFC Foundation, said: “It’s fantastic to be collaborating with Wasabi Technologies on our new community mental health improvement programme. “The mental health crisis post pandemic is alarming, especially in younger people who may not be equipped with the relevant skills, information, and access to services they require. Red Hot Beats will look to address this need by delivering free and accessible sessions for young people to access in their local communities as well as providing contact with dedicated specialist mental health staff.”

Julie Barry, Wasabi Technologies VP of Global Brand and Communications, added: “We are delighted to be working alongside LFC’s official charity and helping them to power such an innovative programme. Mental health is such an important issue to tackle and the work that the LFC Foundation is already doing in this space is fantastic. To use music as a pathway to healing aligns so authentically with Wasabi’s core values and the rich history of Liverpool. We can’t think of a better way to help support local young people.”

For more information on LFC Foundation’s mental health programmes and initiatives, please visit

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