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Ladles Of Love

Ladles of Love was founded by Danny Diliberto in Cape Town. The charity organisation began with one small soup kitchen serving the homeless once a week and now has over 130 beneficiaries and donates over 25 tons every week. Today the organisation serves hundreds of thousands of children and families in need across the Cape Region.

“A bowl of soup may not sound like much, but it’s a lifeline to some. And when people come together, incredible things happen.” – Ladles of Love.

Since it’s inception, Ladles of Love has gone from serving 70 hot meals out of their first small soup kitchen to now being one of the most abundant food charity organisations in South Africa. The organisation supports many community kitchens, schools, NPOs and social enterprises.

“Our foundation is about more than providing meals. It’s about dignity, respect, and creating the kind of world we all want to live in.” – Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love serves donors and beneficiaries with integrity, accountability, compassion, respect and dignity. Their promise is to provide meals to as many people in need as they can and for as long as they can.

“One small gesture can change someone’s world. Let’s make it happen.” – Ladles of Love


The Sandwich and Essential Groceries Drive

This programme was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and is focused on feeding hungry people and finding new ways to nourish the nation. The programme encouraged people to make sandwiches and boiled eggs at home, Ladles of Love would then collect and distribute the food through their network beneficiaries. This programme allowed people to make good use of their time whilst they were “stuck” at home during the pandemic and help those in need in a safe way from the comfort of their homes. The programme rapidly spread across the whole Cape Peninsula. More than 150,000 sandwiches are distributed monthly.

Feed The Soil

The Feed the Soil programme focuses on both the need for ‘zero-to-landfill’ organic waste and also the need for Urban Farmers to enrich their soil to enable them to grow better, nutritious produce. Ladles of Love created a ‘Feed The Soil Organic Waste Tool Kit’ enabling people to turn their waste into nutritious soil. The new soil is then used by their network of urban farmers to grow organic produce for local soup kitchens and markets.

Nourish Our Children

The Nourish Our Children Programme strives to put an end to hunger through educating about the importance of malnutrition in early childhood development in schools. The organisation provides weekly fresh produce and essential groceries, home-made sandwiches and assist the school in establishing food gardens and edible education.

Ladles of Love offers many more programmes and runs various campaigns throughout the year. There are ample opportunities to get involved and make a real impact. You can become a part of their Kindness Club to help out on a monthly basis.

For more information on how to get involved or to read more about the incredible work of this charity organistion, head to the Ladles of Love website.

Together we are #HumanityAgainstHunger



Yours ethically,

Holly Moon, Content Manager

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