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‘Give A Girl Child A Pad’ Offers Free Sanitary Pads For Girls In Nigeria

The NGO ‘Give A Girl Child A Pad’ has distributed over 20,000 sanitary pad to high school girls in Nigeria. So far, sanitary pads have been distributed to Abuja, Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan. The organisers plan to move to other South Western states in the coming weeks.

The founder of the NGO, Pamilerin Adegoke said “the economic situation in Nigeria is already bad enough and it is sad to realize that a lot of women and young girls can’t even afford something as basic as a pad. So my team and I came up with the idea to do the best we can to ensure as many girls as possible get access to sanitary pads.”
“Some of them can’t even afford three square meals and at the moment, the sanitary pad is expensive; hence why I decided to embark on this project.”

The first stages of the project took place in Alapere Senior High School, Ketu where 1,300 sanitary pads were dispersed to secondary school girls and currently, the ‘Give A Girl Child A Pad’ have shared 1,500 pads in Ibadan, 12,000 pads in Ogun state, 10,000 pads in Osun state, 8,000 pads in Abuja and a total of 15,000 pads in Lagos.



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Holly Moon, Content Manager

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