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Shout out to Camden Council for supporting SocialBox.Biz’s “1000 Laptop Handover to Homeless Initiative”. Let me hear you screeeeeeam!

SocialBox.Biz, a London-based community interest technology venture launched this amazing campaign, which has just handed over its 1000th laptop to the homeless. This special round of applause goes to London Borough of Camden who has come on board to support the initiative.

This isn’t the end of collaboration for this project though, is looking to partner with as many organisations as possible, including IT departments, and IT suppliers to send a percentage of unneeded, but still useful laptops on an ongoing basis. So they are encouraging other councils to follow suit and consider the potential of helping the homeless, elderly, and refugee population in England today.

“We have been working for many years towards reaching our 1000th laptop goal by working in association with accommodation services, we hope to ensure that homeless people are finally able to apply to jobs, reconnect with family, in a more independent and sustainable ways.” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz.

“Thanks to Camden Council, in partnership with The Stone Group one of the Council’s IT partners, our resources just grew, which means more people are going to be supported and delivered with the help they deserve in 2020.”

“We hope that this initiative will be a successful collaboration between the Council; a Third Sector Organisation and a service provider within our supply chain and demonstrate how Social Value can be delivered to provide much needed IT resources to residents” said Steven Blantz, Category Manager.

As SocialBox.Biz has reached its 1000th laptop milestone, the team has announced they have a newer, bigger, and more aggressive goal in mind for 2030. They are intent on hitting the 10,000th mark.

Of course, they can’t do it without your help. For more information, or to consider support and to partner with them, please visit Thanks for reading.

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