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The word around the campfire says candidates are more loyal to a purpose-driven organisation.

Employees at purpose-driven organisations are also more likely to have higher rates of productivity, and even stay longer at the organisation.

With all this in mind, make sure when you are hiring for your organisation or if you are a recruiter working with a charity or a social enterprise, that you highlight the mission and values. It can prove really important in attracting the right kind of people for the job.

So what’s the first step a business can take to use its impact as a recruitment tool?

It’s really important for organisations to use impact statements in their job advertisements to make sure that they get candidates that have the same alignment in values and purpose.

If you use an impact statement and make clear the mission and vision of the organisation in the middle of the recruitment process, you’ll be able to communicate the purpose of the role, what success looks like in the role, and also behaviours that define success.

Why is it important for a business to do this?

If an organisation is really clear on its values, and you use that throughout your recruitment process – from applications to references checks – you’re more likely to get candidates who are the right cultural fit, which is incredibly important in a purpose-led organisation.

Another thing to mention is that if you’re using an impact statement that defines what success looks like, candidates will be able to come to the interview with really good and relevant success stories which is a really important part of the interview process.

Any other tips?

Basically, it’s a win-win for all concerned. You’re more likely to get somebody that’s really aligned to the organisation, and the organisation will save money and time and get great outcomes because they have been able to hire an excellent candidate on the first try.

Yours ethically,

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