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Our latest addition to brands 4 good is LEGO who late last year launched the #BuildToGive campaign which encouraged families to get creative and help bring the joy of play to 1.5 million children in need.

For the fifth consecutive year, the #BuildToGive campaign invited fans and families to come together and get creative to make a difference. According to the LEGO Play Well study, 96% of parents think that play helps strengthen family bonds, with #BuildToGive providing the perfect opportunity to play and have some fun together, whilst helping give another child a joyful play experience.

The #BuildToGive campaign is just one example of how the LEGO Group works with a range of charity partners and the LEGO Foundation to bring play to children in need in communities around the world. These programs provide children with opportunities to develop life-long skills such as problem solving, collaboration and communication to help them succeed in the future. In 2022, the LEGO Group aims to reach eight million children around the world with learning through play. 

Last year also saw the launch of the ‘Building Instructions for a Better World‘ campaign, which informed leaders what young people think should happen if we’re to tackle the climate crisis and create a more sustainable future. Reflecting the accessible style of the building instructions that accompany LEGO products, these ten requests of policy makers were identified through research with children from across the globe, helping to give young people a greater voice in the debate on climate change.

If you're interested in finding out more about integrating supporting a cause into your social media strategy, please give us a shout and we’ll be happy to go through the finer points with you.



Yours ethically,

Holly Moon, Content Manager

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