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The year is 2018 and we are sitting in the basement of an east London office, twiddling our thumbs and hatching plans to help change the world for the better. Several hours pass, and then it hit us. How about a world where businesses are positively contributing to the environment and society, and in doing so, becoming more profitable? And at that moment, we rejoiced.
Several complicated whiteboard diagrams and 14 black coffees later, we conceive Click Ethical. An agency designed to position companies with a conscience in an ethical, positive light; ensuring profit comes from their customer’s appreciation of their brand and contribution to socially responsible and environmental causes. The start.

Our story


Did you know that 92% of Millennial consumers are more likely to buy products from ethical companies? That’s the population of Canada and Australia combined.

The socially conscious market is growing and so is the demand for ethically run businesses. Positioning your company as one that cares about society and the environment appeals to this market, boosting customer acquisition and strengthening the sustainability of your business.

Businesses are facing increased media attention and pressure to ‘go green’. Use this to your advantage and differentiate yourself from competitors by putting these values at the heart of your business.

Not only will you be striving to make a positive impact, The FTSE4Good, Goldman Sachs, KLD Broad Market Social Index and Dow Jones Sustainability Index all demonstrate that ethical businesses achieve the highest profitability.

Why be ethical?
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