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Make Your SocialMedia PresenceA Force ForPositive Change

We believe in messages that matter, stories that stick, and movements that move hearts.


What is impactful social media and why am I reading about it?


You wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t important, so let's cut the chase - We can give your business a chance to make a real difference through social media.

By creating social media campaigns that allow your brand to support real world causes.

We find a cause that you care about and build a campaign around you supporting it. The cause is either one that directly impacts your industry or one close to your heart. Alternatively, if you don’t have one in mind, we will identify one that matches your core values.
There are number of ways; fundraising, allocating your time to a specific project, donating your expertise and resources to a project, or simply raising awareness. These are but a few ways, of course.


We manage everything from content creation to advertising to analytics; measuring and reporting the social and environmental impact generated by each campaign, helping you demonstrate your commitment to meaningful change and the tangible results of what the campaign has achieved.

Yes, the impact that can be measured in the form of money donated, awareness raised, or projects your organisation has contributed to or completed.

 We're not here for fluff or social washing. We're here to create engaging campaigns that don't just look good on your feeds but actually do good in the world.

We can manage your day-to-day social media as well, of course; promoting your business and its products or services, and ensuring the world knows your an expert in your industry. We only work with purpose-led companies so the emphasis will always be on differentiating your company not by what you do, but by who you are and how you do what you do. Ok, enough talking, let’s get started.



So how can you help?

And the campaign?

Tangible results?

Disclaimer alert

And your day-to-day social media?

What we offer


We handle your social media channels with a focus on impactful content, building communities, and driving engagement.

Social Media Management


From eye-catching visuals to captivating videos, we create content that captivates your audience and brings your mission to life.

Creative Content


We craft copy that's not just persuasive, but authentic and resonant with your purpose and chosen cause. From blog posts to social media captions, every word is carefully chosen.

Compelling Copy


We create visuals that not only grab attention but also convey the causes message with clarity and creativity. Every image, graphic, and video is a piece of the narrative puzzle.

Visual Storytelling


We develop tailored social media advertising campaigns to amplify your message across platforms, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Social Media Advertising


About our Business


The year is 2020 and we are sitting in the basement of an east London office, twiddling our thumbs and hatching plans to help change the world for the better. Several hours pass, and then it hit us. How about a world where businesses are positively contributing to the environment and society, and in doing so, becoming more profitable? And at that moment, we rejoiced.

Several complicated whiteboard diagrams and 14 black coffees later, we conceive Click Ethical. An agency designed to position companies with a conscience in an ethical, positive light; ensuring profit comes from their customer’s appreciation of their brand and contribution to socially responsible and environmental causes. 

Now with have unleashed ourselves on the world, our mission is simple yet audacious: to transform your digital presence into a force for good. We're here to bridge the gap between purpose and impact, using social media as our canvas and creativity as our tool.

Why choose us


Impact campaigns ignite action. It's the spark that motivates your audience to not just engage but to actively support, donate, volunteer, or champion your cause.

Inspiring Action

In a digital landscape teeming with content, a clear purpose is your unique selling proposition. It sets you apart, making you memorable amid the noise.


Purpose isn't just a feel-good concept; it's a measurable force for change. It quantifies the real-world difference you're making, a metric of your positive influence.

Measurable impact

Click Ethical is a crusader that goes way beyond the typical outline of a social media agency. An activist, a voice of authority, and a friend to businesses that champion innovation and positive change. Our mission is to help build a world where businesses are positively contributing to the environment and society.

Our Founders

Laurie embarked on this purpose-driven journey with a singular goal in mind: to transform the way businesses and organisations engage with their audience.

Laurie Moon

Managing Director

Holly brings a wealth of expertise and experience, coupled with an unwavering commitment to using the digital landscape for meaningful impact.

Holly Moon

Creative Director

What people are saying


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Educate Abroad (Thailand)

Let's get started

Click Ethical Ltd

71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden




Company No: 12541383

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